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Edvard Munch's masterpiece like you've never seen it before!

This summer, we hosted a world premiere at Klevfos: Edvard Munch's The Sun in VR!

By wearing a headset with VR glasses and headphones, you are in the Kragerø archipelago, watching the sunrise as inspired Edvard Munch to paint the SUN. The experience lasts about 8 minutes and is for one person at a time.

Anno - Museums in Hedmark presented their first VR initiative this summer at the Munch Center in Løten, located at the Klevfos industrial museum, close to Edvard Munch's birthplace. The experience is a VR production of Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Sun". The experience is produced by Substans Film, High Road Stories and Gebrueder Beetz.

The museum has installed the VR experiece in a trailer, which make it an "exhibition on wheels". The "Munch-trailer" can thus be displayed outside Klevfos, as it will be during the Nordic VR forum in October 2019.

The production tells the story behind Edvard Munch's iconic painting "The Sun". The painting shows the December sun over the harbor in Kragerø where Munch lived for a time. Munch himself said that he developed a religious relationship with this light, which in a moment dispels the winter darkness.

The production also let the viewer experience the fantastic functions of the eye - the so called after-effects, a scientific matter that to a large extent occupied Edvard Munch.

Book the experience?

The museum is closed outside summer season, but welcome groups and visits upon request.
Contact the museum for availability at klevfos@annomuseum.no or by phone +47 62 50 88 00.

For request on bringing the trailer to your location, please contact kommunikasjon@annomuseum.no.

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