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The outdoor area at Klevfos

We have a great outdoor area that is suitable for many activities. A playground, swings, several barbecue spots, hiking trails and large, green areas for activities for adults and children.

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If you are celebrating a child's birthday, summer break, having a barbecue or just getting together with good friends, Klevfos is a great place. Here, you can be in a quiet setting, both during the day and in the evening. In 2013, Friends of Klevfos sponsored a wonderful playground. This is in frequent use, both by the schools/day care centres and by families. There are people there almost at all hours, and they love it. 

In 2015, Friends of Klevfos also set up a lean-to in connection with the playground. Barrel grills are also available. This was a welcome supplement to the site, and it is very good to see that people clean up after themselves and leave the site clean and tidy. 

There is also a barrel grill next to the old barbecue area below the Munch centre, and there are benches and tables. Outside the entrance, you can sit under the roof in the event of a few raindrops. 

  • Children play in the playground outside the museum.

In the area surrounding Klevfos, there are also many paths. From here, there is a trail across the dam and along the river to Fløta and the ruins of Aadalsbrug iron foundry. The Tourist Association has also opened the Kristian Lien trail, from Klevfos through the forest to Romedal. Kristian Lien was one of the Klevfos workers who lived in Romedal and walked 6.3 km to work every day, worked here for 12 hours and walked 7.5 km home!! Summer and winter. Now, we can walk this stretch ourselves and perhaps ponder a bit over what Kristian’s life was like. From Klevfos, there are paths to Ilseng and Løten.

The outdoor area is quite often used for photo sessions for confirmations and weddings. There are many beautiful settings, featuring nature and factory buildings. Contact us for an appointment.

  • In the old barbecue area below the Munch Center there are also benches and tables.
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